Kathina civara means robes offered to the Sangha during the Kathina ceremony.

Offering of Kathina robes was originally made to a group of Bhikkhus known as the Bhaddavaggi Brothers of Paveyya region. The Buddha allowed a special form of robe offering to the members of the Sangha who were in need of robes. One-month period from the full moon day of October to the full moon day of November was prescribed as the period, during which, kathina robes may be offered. This special offering is purely voluntary. Bhikkhus are not supposed to ask for such offering even from their own parents. Robes are offered to the Sangha and not to any individual bhikkhu. These offerings are placed before the members of the Sangha who have observed their rains retreat. A prescribed ritual is held in a sima (hall) by the Sangha before distributing the offerings to the needy bhikkhus in the presence of the assembly. This special offering of robes brings five kinds of benefit to the donors:  

These five benefits are as follows:

1.     The donor will always have safe journey without worry, danger or obstacle.

2.     They will never suffer shortage of food and will not be harmed by poisoned food.

3.     They will not suffer loss by robbery or theft.

4.     They will not suffer loss by natural disasters.

5.     They can easily accomplish what they set out to do.

Ceremony Details:


: 16 October 2011 (Sunday)


: Poh Ming Tse Temple


: 438 Dunearn Road Singapore 289613

Location Map

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Ceremony to be conducted by our Venerable – Bhaddanta Eikdi Bala.

Special Invited Guest  - Sayadaw Dr. Bhaddanta Kumara Bhivumsa, Chairman Sayadaw of State Sangha Nargyaka Committee ( Abhi Daja  Agga Maha Saddhamma Jotika Agga Maha Pandita )




1100Hrs - 1200Hrs

Lunch Dana for all Sayadaw

Kumudra Meditation Center

1200Hrs - 1245Hrs

Vegetarian Lunch for all devotees

Poh Ming Tse Temple


All Devotees to be seated

Poh Ming Tse Temple

1300Hrs - 1645Hrs

Kathina Ceremony Prayer

Poh Ming Tse Temple

1645Hrs - 1700Hrs

Transfer of Merits

Poh Ming Tse Temple

1700Hrs - 1745Hrs

Dinner Break

Poh Ming Tse Temple

1800Hrs - 2100Hrs

Dharma Talk

Poh Ming Tse Temple

** Buses leaving from Kumudra Mediation Center to Poh Ming Tse at 1100Hrs & 1200Hrs

Offerings for the ceremony



Kathina Robe

S$50 each


S$20 each


S$15 each


S$10 each

Complete Set

S$95 each

Free Dana of any amount is welcome.

All registration and payment must be completed by 15 October 2011 before 12.30pm at Kumudra Meditation Center.