May 2014



Vesak Day Celebration



Vesak is a major Buddhist festival which signifies the three important events; the Birth, the Enlightenment and Mahaparinirvana or Passing Away of the Buddha. On this day, the Buddhist community go to the temples, recollect the wisdom, purity and compassion of the Buddha, pay respects to Venerables and perform meritorious deeds.

June 2014



Waso Robe Offering

July 2014

04 - 06


Borobudur Trip

August 2014






Metta Karuna Prayer

This ceremony is conducted to deliver Souls in the Hell realm for better rebirth soon, as well as reinforces the concept of filial piety towards our ancestors and departed friends. Conduct by our Venerable U Eik Di Bala.


October 2014



Kathina Robe Offering



Offering of Kathina robes was originally made to a group of Bhikkhus known as the Bhaddavaggi Brothers of Paveyya region. The Buddha allowed a special form of robe offering to the members of the Sangha who were in need of robes. One-month period from the full moon day of October to the full moon day of November was prescribed as the period, during which, kathina robes may be offered. This special offering is purely voluntary. Bhikkhus are not supposed to ask for such offering even from their own parents. Robes are offered to the Sangha and not to any individual bhikkhu. These offerings are placed before the members of the Sangha who have observed their rains retreat. A prescribed ritual is held in a sima (hall) by the Sangha before distributing the offerings to the needy bhikkhus in the presence of the assembly.

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