Venerable Bhaddanta Eik Di Ba La was born on 7th April 1966 in Letpan village, Sagiang Division, Myin-Mu Township, Myanmar. At age 4, he became a novice under Venerable Vizaya. In 1985, he was fully ordained as a Monk (Bhikku) graduating and becoming a Dharma Teacher in the same year, Venerable also assumed the Abbotship of Mula Sae Taung Pyae Monastery in Thingangyun Township.

Venerable Bhaddanta Eik Di Ba La is presently the Chairman of the Yangon Division Sangha Nakaya Committee. Venerable is also the Head of the Yangon District 13 Pagodas Restoration and Conservation Committee as well as the Head of the Yangon Lay Person Vipassana Meditation Committee and the Chief of propagation of Pittaka Regilious Scriptures Committee. Moreover, Venerable is also a member of the Central Board of Religious Examinations (Pali Pahtamapyan) for Sanghas.

Venerable is currently providing not only education to parentless novices under his guardianship in his monastery but also schooling and scholarships to over 1200 students from his native village and nearby areas.

Venerable has built Schools, Orphanages, Medical Centres and Water Projects.

During the Cyclone Nargis disaster, our Venerable has played a crucial force in the aiding of disaster victims and bringing normalcy in their life, setting them on the road to self sufficiency.

Venerable Bhaddanta Eik Di Ba La travelled extensively to numerous countries including Singapore. We are truly fortunate that our Venerable has established Kumudra Mediation Center in Singapore as well as being our Dhamma Teacher.

Our Venerable Sayadaw was recently conferred the following titles:

1. Agga Maha Saddhamma Jotikadhaja

2. Performance Award from The President of Myanmar

3. Zayar Social Award

4. Honorable Doctorate of Philosophy in Buddhism


This is the teaching of all Buddha - Etam Buddhana Sananam

1) Avoid Evil - Sabbapapassa Akaranam

2) Do Good - Kusala Upasampada

3) Purify the Mind - Sacittarpariyodanpanam

4) Practice Patience - Khanti

5) Avoid Harsh Speech - Dosa

6) Radiate Loving Kindness - Metta