Kumudra Meditation Center (KMC) situated in the western part of Singapore, making it convenience for the surrounding devotees to come by to practice.

The center has played it's key role to foster friendship and goodwill among our Dharma brothers and sisters. Today, we have members totaling to about 100 people coming to learn and practice Dharma.

We welcome you to come down to our center and experience the great peace and understanding, regardless of nationality, races, belief or physical ability.

Vipassana meditation is an awareness meditation. It teaches you to be with the present moment, to live in the present moment. When you practice Vipassana meditation, you will come to see the true nature of mind and body. It is important to see the characteristics of nature so that you can have a correct view of things, less attachment to mind and body which gradually be able to weaken the hold of mental defilements that prevent enlightenment.

The beauty of Vipassana meditation lies in the fact that all things are the object for this meditation. Whether you are keeping your mind on the breath or on other distractions, you are doing good meditation if you are aware of them. To practice Vipassana meditation, you have to be patient and persevere. Do not get discourage if you cannot get concentration at the beginning. Everybody has that experience. Leave all your expectation behind when you are meditating and just be in the present moment. In this way, you can effectively deal with everything that comes to you.