Dear Brothers & Sisters, 

I would like to update Sayadaw schedule, Metta Karuna Prayer & Waso Robe Offering activities on 18 Aug 2013.

Sayadaw Schedule:

Arrival Date

: 17 August 2013 (Saturday)

Flight Details : SQ997/1425Hrs

Activities Schedule:  


: Metta Karuna Prayer / Waso Robe Offering

Date : 18 Aug 2013
Time : 9am – 5pm


: Registration for donation of Waso Robe (S$50 per robe)

10am : Offering of Waso Robe
10.30am : Dharma Talk by Sayadaw

: Lunch Dana from devotees to Sayadaw / Bhante.

: Follow by Lunch for All.

: Vegetarian Food to be provided by devotees.


: Dhamma Talk, Sharing of Merit & Meta Karuna Prayer.

2pm : Release of Birds
2.30pm : Break
3pm : Metta Meditation (Follow KMC Metta Meditation technique)
5pm : End of program.

With Metta,

Teng Yew Wah